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About Waileia Jewelry

Waileia Jewelry is a locally owned, and handmade jewelry business from Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi. All materials are carefully selected to create a one of a kind piece, allowing you to take the spirit of the islands wherever you go. Here at Waileia Jewelry, we strive to show our passion for craftsmanship through our work, by having a love for detail and simplicity. From our handpicked Hawaiian shells, to the art of metal-smithing each ring, bangle, and necklace, we take pride in knowing our products are durable, and ready to be worn. Waileia Jewelry was created for those adventurous individuals, who take the spirit of the ocean wherever they go. 


My dream is to share what makes me happy with others. When I wear jewelry, I feel complete, and I feel more confident. Whether you like to mix metals (like me) or keep it simple, all of my hard work, my manaʻo, and my aloha goes into making every piece of jewelry. My goal is to make sure that everyone who purchases from Waileia Jewelry also gains confidence, and will truly bring out their best selves when wearing something that makes them feel beautiful.